Shower Doors


Our single doors are built with a 3/8” or ½” thick glass. Maximum door width is 36” and can be built with any different height up to 120”. We offer a wide collection of floor and wall mounted hinges and adjustable ones. Your frameless door or enclosure will be custom made to fit your opening perfectly!


For openings over 30” we highly recommend an in-line fixed panel, as a large door is heavy and hard to get around. Depending on your size and configuration, we can design and build an in-line panel on either side. As with all our doors and enclosures we use only the select 3/8 and/or ½” thick glass. Choose from our array of hardware styles and finishes and expect to see only beautiful and elegant framing on our designs!


A 90 degree fameless shower door enclosure is built with 2 or more glass panels meeting together at a 90 degree point. One or both of those panels will have a frameless door aligned to it, which will be attached to the wall, pivot hung off a header system, or on the panel itself using a glass to glass hinge. Sometimes a glass panel will be notched to sit on top of a tub deck to create a small toe ledge, seat or shelf or just go directly to the floor. If needed, we will increase your 3/8” panels to ½” thick to minimize flex in the larger frameless enclosures we build.


Two or three panels form the diamond shape shower enclosure, which will be located in the corner of the bathroom, against two tiled walls. ProGlass Solutions will custom cut  your shower doors and glass walls at a custom angle; so, if you have out-of-square walls, do not worry! We will make it custom and we do not charge extra for that!  Neo-angle enclosures can either be a wall mounted swing door or glass-to-glass hinges with 2 panels connected by clips. Header systems are used for the larger enclosures that have a door in the center, which will also be custom cut for you.


A Splash Guard is a fixed panel of 3/8”or ½”thick glass that is clipped to the wall. You can choose how you want the top corner to be from the three designs we offer: square, rounded or clipped. The Splash Guards are simple and elegant frameless designs.


This sliding shower door system has a distinct look from traditional sliding shower doors. Due to the minimal use of hardware, this frameless look gives the enclosure an almost floating appearance. Its unique roller system operates above and below the header bar and allows for quiet and easy opening and closing of the 3/8”glass door enclosure. This beautiful design is mounted with one sliding door, one fixed panel and one 90 to 180 degree panel incorporated into this brushed or polished steel finish enclosure.


The Hidroslide Series shower enclosures are built using 3/8”thick glass for full standing showers or above bathtubs. To create a full view shower enclosure this single door slider can incorporate a 90 or 180 degree panel on one or both sides. This system can have an opening up to 84” wide, if the sliding door is 88 lbs. or less.  Choose from gold, chrome, brushed nickel or oil rubbed bronze finishes.


Frameless sliding shower doors and enclosures create an open, spacious look that is practically maintenance free. It’s time to remove your outdated, flimsy shower door and give your bathroom a brand-new look with a new shower door from Pro Glass. If you need a custom size, no problem! Plus, you will truly be buying factory direct, which saves you money! Our shower door designs are available with world leading , which makes your glass easier to clean and resistant to stains.hed nickel or oil rubbed bronze finishes.